What factors can affect the accuracy and repeatability of torque measurements?

What factors can affect the accuracy and repeatability of torque measurements?

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Bottles are used as the foremost source of packaging in the case of liquified packaging materials. Bottles are one such invention that is used by different manufacturers of various industries due to their durability and packaging methods.

These bottles have firm closures that ensure zero leakage and promote hassle-free opening & closing of the bottle which gives easy access to the consumer in the consumption of the final item.

The industries making aerated drinks are extremely particular about the closures of the bottles as they need to be vacuum intact and thus provide maximum insulation to avoid the fizz of the drinks from getting contaminated, hampering consumer satisfaction and thus compromising on the brand reputation.

All the manufacturers using bottles as their primary source of packaging tend to use various testing measures to check the durability, seal integrity & material quality of the bottles. One such important testing measure to check the quality of the bottle is to ascertain the torque required to open the closure of the bottle.

This testing measure allows the manufacturer to evaluate the necessary angular force required to open the closure of the bottle. The test is purely necessary to be conducted to ensure the seal integrity and to avoid the over-tightening of the closure.

The Presto Group has come up with a one-stop solution to solve the problems faced by manufacturers in assessing the angular or rotational force required for opening the bottle closures, called the torque tester.

The lab testing instrument is designed with precision-based engineering to aid manufacturers from different industries that use bottles as their primary packaging sources.

Let us take a look at the working module of the torque tester and find out how the instrument actually helps operators & manufacturers.

Working Module of the Torque Tester

The torque tester is constructed with an extremely ergonomic working module to aid manufacturers from different industries to easily get hold of the instrument and thus allow them to perform expeditious testing.

To begin with the testing it is extremely necessary to remove the safety pin attached to the platform of the instrument to avoid movement of the platform when not under testing processes.

The bottle that is being tested is placed upon the platform between the knobs of the instrument at the designated sample holding position.

Once the bottle is placed accurately, the knobs of the instrument are tightened firmly with the help of the rotating wheel associated with the instrument to enable the operator in performing single handed-tasks.

The Torque meter ensures no movement of the specimen due to the firm clamping and now the operator can simply open the closure of the bottle manually.

The instrument contains a microprocessor-based display that determines the torque generated and applied on the closure for opening/closing and the range of motion at which the rotational force is applied is also depicted on the torque meter.  

The instrument is also equipped with highly valuable features that provide a competitive advantage to the operator over its counterparts.

Features of Torque Tester

The instrument is a feature-enrich product, designed to aid manufacturers in performing hassle-free and simplistic testing over & over again.

The most prominent feature of the instrument is the incorporation of the safety pin that enables the manufacturer or the operator to ensure the precise positioning of the circular platform. This also enables the operator to easily carry the instrument around without worrying about the positioning of the platform.

The instrument is also equipped with 4 tightening knobs that are precisely designed to ensure minimal or no slippage of the bottle to eradicate the scope of inaccurate testing results.

The instrument is equipped with certain features that promote single-handed testing. One such feature is the knob tightening wheel for easy clamping by the operator. Imbibing the feather touch controls over the control panel is also an effort by the torque meter manufacturer to promote single-handed testing.

The instrument is constructed robustly & firmly with stainless steel & mild steel materials that are coated with 7-layered powder paint to instill rustproofing properties along with anti-corrosive ones to enhance the durability of the instrument.

The assembly of the instrument is created in such a way that it allows the testing of both big & small bottles along with the provision of containers as well. This is the reason, the torque tester supplier calls the instrument a one-stop solution.

Another high-class feature of the instrument is the involvement of the microprocessor-based digital display that enables the operator to analyze and collect data with absolute ease & precision.

There are certain questions that are frequently asked by manufacturers regarding the torque tester, it is necessary to answer them for the eradication of confusion.

FAQs Regarding the Torque Tester

Ques. Which is the most crucial standard to be satisfied after the conduction of the torque test?

Ans. There are a lot of ISO & ASTM standards as per which the Presto torque tester is offered. However, the most important standard out of all is the ASTM D7860 – 14 (2022).

Ques. What is the exact purpose of the torque meter?

Ans. The torque meter is majorly designed to assess the amount of rotational force, angular force, or torque required to open the seal/ closure of the bottle which is necessary to evaluate and rectify cases of uncertainties to enhance maximum consumer support & satisfaction.

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