Torque Test on PET Bottle Cap for Improved Capping Process

Torque Test on PET Bottle Cap for Improved Capping Process

Use of bottle for packaging is one of the booming industry in the market. Due to their numerous benefits, products are turning to bottle for their packaging. The entire production process starting from bottle manufacture, coloring, filling line, and capping process has their own importance in assuring quality to the customer. Among which, capping process needs to be focused upon, as non-calibrated capping can lead to loosening caps and content leakage.

By conducting Torque Test on PET bottle cap, the user can easily calibrate the capping process. The closing torque can be evaluated by conducting the test and the force value can be implemented on the capping machine.

Torque tester Digital is a semi-automated equipment for evaluating the Torque of PET bottle cap. The semi-automation allow the user to just hold the cap and rotate for opening and closing torque but the bottle base structure will be moved automatically using a high-end motorized technique. The equipment is designed as per the torque test standards accepted across the globe.

The machine includes a compact and robust structure with specimen placing stage equipped with strong and adjustable clamping fixtures. The best part of the fixtures is that they can be easily adjusted for any shape and size of the PET bottle. Below is the digital operation area, where you will find a screen for test data display and feather-touch control buttons. The user can set time, rotation cycle, tare and peak hold value and much more. Torque tester Digital is also equipped with safety lock pins which assure that extra amount of torque is not applied during the Torque test on PET bottle cap and helps in delivering accurate values.

The user can calibrate the machine using the in-house calibration feature to set the test mode as per requirement. It can record up to 9 sample readings in memory in one go. In the test, after calibration, the sample bottle is placed on the platform, it is clamped using the adjustable grips. It is good to use the safety locks for the elimination of unwanted twisting force value. Set the test parameter and push the button for the test. Now on one rotation, your hand will open the bottle and on the other, it will be closed. The force exerted on the specimen to open and close it will be recorded in the memory of Torque tester Digital.

There are numerous ways of controlling the quality in the bottle packaging line other than Torque test on PET bottle cap. You can go through a whole new range of Filling Line Testing Instruments here.