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Perform Torque Test for Plastic Cap of Bottles

A cap or closure is the most vital section of bottle or container packaging. It seals the entry area and acts as a barrier to contamination. Especially during the filling line, the cap when placed and twisted to close the container it must be using the same torque for all bottle. To evaluate that particular amount of force which is required to close and open the closure torque test for plastic cap is conducted using Torque testing deviceThe test can calculate precisely that exactly how much torque one must apply for closing the bottle cap and opening the same.

The tester is designed in a digitalized model. Torque is evaluated in digital format. The display screen show precise read out with Auto Tare (ZERO) set and Peak Hold features. The test specimen is set in the middle of the slip holders/pegs for solid holding of bottle.

Strong bracing pegs will ensure zero slip. In-house adjustment can be done to tune the machine as per requirement in torque test for plastic cap. Precise estimation of torque assured. Adjustable clasping facility to hold distinctive size of containers. Accurate torque sensors are installed. Provision to hold test data in memory. Up to 9 Sample readings can be saved on advanced readout. Safety locks to dispose off additional power on the Torque sensor.

The test process to be followed starts with clamping the sample. Take the sample bottle and place the cap over it. Place the bottle on the specimen platform. Adjust the holders as per its size tightly. Strat the machine and try to close the cap once slowly and open the cap. You will notice that the torque applied is recorded by the machine and shown on the display in digital format.

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