Use Bursting Strength Machine for High-Quality Packaging

Use Bursting Strength Machine for High-Quality Packaging

High-Quality Packaging

Use of bursting strength machine is administered in various industries such as paper, packaging, textile etc. But the major use of this machine is employed in the paper and packaging industry for calculating the bursting factor of paper and corrugated sheets and ensuring high-quality packaging.

Importance of bursting factor and strength


The quality of the packaging products has a great importance in the global market. The products purchased by our customers such as grocery, consumer goods, industrial products etc. have to be packed and sealed in a safe packaging material which ensures high tolerance during shipment and delivery. The paper or corrugated sheets used for packaging must withstand changes in temperature, pressure as well as transportation inconsistencies to reach the customer without any damage. There are various factors that are used to calculate the strength and quality of the corrugated sheets used for packaging, bursting factor & strength is one of them.

This testing instrument is dominantly utilized in the packaging industries for calculating the strength and quality of distinct form of packaging materials such as papers, corrugated sheets, fiber boards, cardboard etc. With the right testing of bursting strength of materials, the manufacturers can easily ensure high quality of packaging they are delivering to the customers.

Testing bursting strength of paper & corrugated sheets

This machine provides a hydraulic load under a rubber diaphragm of a specific area of the sample under test. It can be used to accurately determine the bursting strength of paper, corrugated cardboard, carton box, card board, leather, cloth or synthetic leathers.

Bursting Strength Tester is utilized for measuring the bursting strength of packaging material by subjecting it to a rising uniform hydraulic pressure. The procedure involves preparing the specimen for test and placing the sample between two circular clamps. The specimen is then, tightened with the help of geared handle equipped in the machine. The rising pressure (hydraulic) is then applied to the sample till the specimen ruptures. The reading on the digital display is recorded as the bursting strength of the given test specimen.


USP’s of bursting strength machine:

  • Single push-button operation for a user-friendly experience
  • Microprocessor based display for highly precise results
  • Peak hold facility for keeping maximum value of test result in memory (up to 9 test readings)
  • Strong gripping clamps along with the grooved structure of specimen holder to avoid slippage.
  • Bright LED display with feather touch controls