Understand Material Behavior in Different Environments

Understand Material Behavior in Different Environments

Understand Material Behavior in Different Environments

Corrosion testing is a fundamental thing that helps to understand that how the material will behave in simulated working conditions and helps the manufacturer to ensure that their product will reach the projected life of the product. Corrosion testing is performed by many manufacturers in different industries for varied applications. The range of preventive measures needs to prevent corrosion includes:

  • Input for the engineering design processes,
  • Respond of the material to the changing environmental conditions,
  • Chemicals used for the materials
  • Requirement of cost effective saving, etc.

Sourcing a high-quality corrosion testing machine with required features, working, equipment, with a strong name in the market that can easily measure the quality of the products is a big challenge. A well-designed testing machine and corrosion testing procedure is a key feature to ascertain the appropriateness of the material in different service environments.


As corrosion can result in the permanent damage to the equipment, material, pipelines, assets, etc., these losses not only leads to the rectification of monetary terms but also leads to the subsequent product failure and ultimately results in production downtime, safety risks, health issues and reputational damage for the manufacturers.

Different Corrosion Testing Solutions


With a huge range of material testing facilities and services in the world, manufacturers of testing instruments have understood the requirement of corrosion testing and offer a wide range of testing machine to fulfill the requirement of testing the effect of corrosion on metal and other alloys. These testing services can be applied all across the industries to perform short term testing procedures to the longer bespoke projects.

Corrosion Test Chambers by Presto

Presto Stantest possesses the expertise and facilities to build and design the testing needs to create stimulating and challenging production environments and helps to evaluate that how the materials perform in different working conditions.

The range of Corrosion Resistance Testing Machine includes the corrosion test chambers, dynamic autoclaves, high-pressure vessels, etc. The techniques presto use for the advanced electrochemical monitoring includes user-friendly HMI screens, sophisticated technologies to make the working of the products highly effective and easy. Moreover, the range of Salt Spray Chambers that Presto offers are designed as per the guidelines that are mentioned in the standard ASTM B117 and other related standards which make the device compatible to use for all the manufacturers all across the globe.


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