Boost the Quality of Milk Packages with Environmental Testing |

Boost the Quality of Milk Packages with Environmental Testing

In order to store edible goods, Tetra Pak, which is a six layered packaging material is often utilized. Their design is their main selling point. The structure of the package is constructed in a way so that it does not allow any sort of contamination enter the pack and keep the content packed inside fresh.

The reason behind keeping the six layers are to make the packing a strong barrier against all kind of climatic conditions. Distinct kind of tests are conducted to evaluate the integrity of this packing material. In this post we will learn about Humidity Chamber and its role in assuring high-quality of Milk packages.

Humidity test program


Testing the packaging material for humidity tolerance is a very common thing in food & beverage industryThe chamber let the testing operator understand the behaviour of the packaging material in extremely worsening humidity levels. It is vital to evaluate the material used in packaging product as they may require to withstand extreme environmental conditions of the processing unit, store houses, during transport and at the retailer’s shop.

Machine Operating method

The Humidity chamber function the test program using the humidity range of 65% to 95%. The testing specimen is kept inside the chamber for a particular time period as per the testing requirements. The machine has a double door safety with one glass door too. This helps in maintaining the temperature and humidity generated inside the machine. The glass door specially is equipped in the chamber so that the operator can see inside without disturbing the running test.