Torque Tester: Essential Instrument for Packaged Water Bottle Testing

Torque Tester: Essential Instrument for Packaged Water Bottle Testing

The beverage companies invest a huge share in packaging mineral rich water. With the growing demands of these bottles, it is very important for you to be sure that whether the bottles you have chosen are tightly packed or not. Therefore we recommend you purchase a torque tester from Testing Instruments. They are considered to be one of the best laboratory testing instruments provider that has a wide range of instruments.

Those who manufacture a good quality bottle must have undertaken several tests to ensure that their customers get the best of the product. Thus, if you are one of them, then we recommend you make use of this quality testing material.

It is very important for the manufacturers to follow an accurate tightening procedure of bottles as when the bottle is not so tight then it can lead to leakage.  It will also affect the value of the product. Thus, many companies follow the method of torque wrench calibration which will help in placing the fastener tightly that will be enough to resist the vibration.

With the help of a torque tester from Testing Instruments, you will easily be able to test the force required to open a closed cap of a PET bottle. It will provide you with the value of torque in digital format.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with effective information about torque testing machine and how they can be useful in the bottle testing industry.

How to Test the Specimen in a Torque Tester Testing Machine?

If you want to test the sample in a torque testing machine, then you can easily do this by placing the sample between anti-slip holders for the strong holding of the testing sample. Here you will get accurate and precision-based torque value as well as you will be able to measure the force needed to open PET bottles. Through this measurement, you will get an idea about the bottle quality and the force needed when the bottles get subjected to a load under twisting.

As we all know that PET bottles have been using in various industries. For example, the food industry, beverage bottling industry, packaging industry and many more make use of PET bottles. Therefore, it is very important for the manufacturers to determine the force needed to open the bottle caps. Thus, using a torque tester testing instrument will help you to evaluate the force needed to open the bottle caps as well as lids.

There are many features of using torque tester by Testing Instruments. They are listed below.

Features of using Torque Tester

The digital model of torque testing instrument consists of various features. Here we have created a list of those features below. You can simply use various other models of these laboratory testing instruments from the Testing-Instruments website. These instruments will help you to check the quality of products you deliver to your customers.

  • You will get clamping holders and zero slipping support.
  • With its accurate sensor, you will be able to get accurate results.
  • You will get a precise measurement of torque with the safety lock pin so that no extra torque would be placed on the specimen.
  • Data will be displayed in digital form.

These are some of the features you will get while using the digital torque tester from Testing Instruments.


We all know that the packaging industry makes use of several products that need to be tested to assure quality. Thus, you can choose from different models of laboratory testing instruments. One of them is the torque testing machine that will let you evaluate the force needed to open the bottles. Thus, you can purchase it at the best price from Testing Instruments.