The Versatility of Universal Testing Machine

The Versatility of Universal Testing Machine

The Versatility of Universal Testing Machine

The universal testing machine is a highly standardized and popular and is known by many names such as universal tester, material testing machine, tensile or compression tester and tensile test frame.  As suggested by the name, the word universal reflects the machine’s capability to perform more than one type of test. It can conduct tensile test, compression test, peel test, top load test, etc. on different components. In other words, it is a versatile testing machine.

Must-have features & components

  • Load cell, a force measurement transducer must be equipped in the machine which is used to measure the load subjected on the sample and evaluate the strength and quality of the material.
  • Load frame, the main frame of the machine which comprises of two strong pillars.
  • The provision of crosshead must be provided to move the machine with the controlled speed in an upward and downward direction.
  • To measure the response of particular area of the test sample, extensometers must be used in the machine.
  • Output device is the most crucial part of the testing machine which is provided to display the test results. Different types of output devices can be used such as digital panel or user-friendly HMI control panel with computer interface.
  • Many test application requires controlled test conditions such as pressure, humidity, temperature, etc. The testing machine must be designed to function in various controlled environments inside the lab efficiently.
  • Test fixtures and related sample holding fixtures should be provided which are used to clamp the samples firmly in order to perform the test easily such as vice type grips, flexural grips, compression plates, handle fixtures, and many more.

Presto brings highly advanced universal testing machine to your rescue!

It is a highly efficient & accurate instrument which is used to test the breakage, tensile and compression strength of various materials, components and finished products. It works on the principle of the constant rate of extension (CRE). It complies to international test standards such as ASTM D412, ASTM D429-73, ASTM D624, ATM D638-01, ASTM D76, IS 13360-5-7, IS 3400(Part1-1987).

Key Features: 

  • Advanced load sensor equipped for uniform application of force.
  • Twin collar rugged structure suitable for wide range of samples.
  • Safety limit switches offering full security to both user and the machine.
  • Cross head travel speed of 50 mm to 500 mm.
  • Hardened lead screws/ball screws for frictionless movement.
  • Auto report generation at the end of the test with user programmable software.
  • USB compatible with high-speed data transfer
  • Online test run status can be viewed graphically or in raw data form.
  • Test control wizard to set test parameters like tension, compression, changeable units in Kgs/N/lbs or cm/mm/inch.

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