Test Your Fragile Samples Against High Drops with Drop Tester

Test Your Fragile Samples Against High Drops with Drop Tester

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Ensuring the durability and resilience of fragile products is an important part of quality control. Testing the products accurately that can withstand the rigors of shipping and transportation is essential to ensure that your fragile samples will remain in good condition. If you are looking for a reliable and most trustworthy drop tester manufacturer then you must go with the Presto drop tester machine

This highly advanced paper and packaging testing instrument not only enhances product safety but also aids in the development of packaging materials that provide optimal protection. By testing your samples like corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes and other related materials, you can easily be assured about the quality. 

Here, we will discuss brief information about how you can test your fragile samples against higher drops. We will also discuss the importance of drop testing in product safety. 

Importance of Drop Testing in Ensuring Product Safety

Whether you are a paper and packaging manufacturer or you are working in a box manufacturing firm, then testing the reliability and durability of materials is important in ensuring product safety. Presto is India’s top drop tester manufacturer & designs this high-quality package testing machine. 

This package drop tester is very easy to use and ensures that accurate test results will be delivered to the customers. 

Below we have listed the importance of drop testing in ensuring product safety:

  • Helps to recognize weak points:

Via drop testing, manufacturers can spot potential weak points or vulnerabilities in their product designs. These could be specific areas prone to breakage or damage when exposed to drops from various heights. Early recognition of these flaws empowers manufacturers to implement essential enhancements during the design phase, resulting in time and resource savings in the long term.

  • The product will be compiled as per industrial standards:

With Presto edge drop tester manufacturers can easily and accurately ensure that the products they deliver will be compiled as per industrial standards. 

  • Evaluate the product durability:

The Drop Tester helps manufacturers of paper and the packaging industry to evaluate the durability of materials when dropped from a certain height. When weak points are tested using a drop strength tester, then you can easily prevent potential damage or breakage that may occur in the materials during rough handling. 

  • Safety for End Users:

Drop testing helps manufacturers ensure the safety of the end users by ensuring that their products can easily withstand when dropped from a certain height. This will prevent the products from getting broken and shattering while delivering them to the customers. 

This depicts the importance of drop testing while delivering products to customers. You can easily drop the flaws of your products with the Presto drop tester. We provide different types of drop testers that will help you detect the flaws that occur due to the highest drops.

Different Types of Drop Testers Available for Drop Testing

In the current market, various types of drop testers are available, each showcasing distinct features and capabilities. Grasping the disparities between these types can assist you in identifying the most suitable option for your specific testing requirements.

At Presto, we have designed two types of drop tester machines that will help you to test different types of drop testing machines.

  • Manual Drop Tester: Presto's Manual Drop Tester adheres to the IS: 7028, Part IV standard, serving as a valuable tool for assessing the transport suitability of solid fiber boxes, corrugated boxes, and shipping containers. Featuring an angular drop arrangement, this instrument ensures a comprehensive evaluation of the package's transport worthiness from all perspectives.

The drop test is conducted to evaluate the resilience of corrugated boxes, fiberboard cartons, and containers against vertical impact during free falls. Multiple tests are performed to analyze diverse conditions that may arise during transit and handling. This equipment proves to be essential for thorough performance analysis and package design, offering valuable insights before production and utilization.

The primary objective of the drop test is to measure the shock impact during transit, preventing the gradual deterioration of products that could render them unusable.

Widely employed across various industries, the drop tester is instrumental in verifying the strength of corrugated boxes. The machine functions by dropping a test specimen from a specific height, providing insights into the specimen's strength. Additionally, the testing equipment can be tailored to meet different specifications based on customer demands.

  • Pneumatic Drop Tester: The drop tester finds extensive application across various industries to assess the drop strength of corrugated packages. Innovated with a keen understanding of the carton manufacturing industry's needs, the machine's standard operating procedure is straightforward. However, human interference has historically led to less accurate test results. To address this issue, Presto has developed a drop tester designed to eliminate human intervention.

This machine is equipped with a motorized assembly and a pneumatic system, ensuring seamless operation. The operator uses a remote control to operate the machine, placing the carton specimen on the winged structure-style platform. The platform is elevated to a specified height based on test requirements or standards. Cartons undergo testing in three ways: on a flat surface, edge-wise, and corner-wise. The remote control opens the wings of the platform, allowing the box to drop, and any resulting damages are visually observed.

This drop tester is widely utilized in industries employing carton packages. It serves as an ideal machine for evaluating the endurance of boxes throughout storage, transit, and conversion processes. Just give us a call at +919210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com if you want to buy a drop impact tester.