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Improve The Quality Of The Packaging With Drop Tester

With the wide usage of packaging products in every production vertical, it becomes mandatory to perform strict testing on the packaging products to test the material quality, design, and its strength when subjected to various transportation hurdles. The drop tester is one of the best and highly effective testing instrument which is used in packaging industries to examine the effect of drop that occurs suddenly at the time of transportation. This is an extremely effective method that tests the packing of the materials. The test results are used to enhance the quality of the packaging design and to measure the rigidity of the product under some safety conditions. With the free fall test, it becomes easy to create the condition of normal fall to a hard surface in order to determine the effect of sudden fall on the material.

Drop the Flaws of Packaging with Drop Tester

Drop Tester is used to test the impact of a fall on the packaging material that helps to test the strength of the material against deformation. The testing instrument is used to ascertain the transportation value of the solid fiberboard boxes and shipping containers. The angular drop of the device helps to measure the value of the box when dropped from certain angles. The testing machine performs free drop of packaging sample to determine the quality and strength of the packaging products. The testing machine tests the impact that a packaging material can bear when dropped from a certain height and with a certain pressure. The different specifications are available for the device with customized features as per the requirement of the customers.

The testing machine is used to determine the strength of the corrugated boxes to survive under difficulties of transportation. The testing tool helps to measure the quality of solid fiberboard boxes, corrugated boxes, shipping containers and helps the manufacturers to ascertain the strength and quality of the packaging products. Drop Tester is the best and highly effective testing machine offered by Presto Stantest to ensure the quality of the packaging products.

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