Reduce Damage To Corrugated Box With Proper Drop Tester

Reduce Damage To Corrugated Box With Proper Drop Tester

Let’s assume that the average international shipping cost is $15. Out of which ten packages arrive in damaged form. Your business has to pay return shipping on the package, use more labour to send out the goods and still bear the loss on the package. If you consider the base cost of the good, approximately $50 adding the $15 cost in reshipping, it costs around $65 for every package that arrives damaged.

There is a need to assess the goods from damage while shipping is done. It can be achieved by evaluating possible packaging options, assessing the product to be shipped and to find the best option related to cost and function. By developing good packaging plan, the shipping damages can be reduced. Drop tester is a useful machine to determine the transport value of solid fiber boxes, corrugated boxes etc.

The bottom cartons get crushed during shipment and some might open up with the products in shattered form. The type of packaging materials impacts the business strategy. Low quality packaging brings humility while high quality becomes expensive.


There are many standards for free fall carton drop tests for stacking strength. The test design included a number of drops and shocks at the corner as well as the side. Corner drop can be repeated easily. Just drop against the hard floor. Edge and side drops can be done by a drop tester. A drop tester is a plate mounted over the floor. The plate is constructed along with a mechanism to move fast away from the packet in a way so that the packet can start free drop without any rotation. Lab Drop Tester contains an angular drop arrangement to assess the value of packaging product from all angles.

All new products should undergo the testing process at the time of designing, manufacturing and packing. The drop tester gives data digitising and analysing of the drop and striking at the time of transit. Packaged drop test tests the anti-vibration and capability of packaging material. It measures the sufficiency of a product’s impact resisting ability related to packaged products. The test result can be used in the enhancement of packaging design. Free drop tests assess the characteristics of the product’s free fall from inappropriate actions. It evaluates the strength and stiffness of contents under various safety conditions. Reproducible free fall tests simulate a product’s condition after normal fall to a hard surface.

The best part of the equipment is its elegant look and finish which attracts users all over the world. It is the best tool to save time during transit.