Drop Test – What it is all about?

Drop Test – What it is all about?

Packaging is classified into two types, primary packaging and secondary packaging. Primary packaging remains in direct contact with the product and secondary packing is used to pack primary packing for transit and storage. Secondary packing is largely responsible for keeping the consignment safe from external factors. If this packing fails, there are huge chances of product failure. To not let this happen, carton manufacturers perform back to back testing on corrugated boxes

Drop Test


When a box falls from the height, you cannot predict whether it deforms, breaks or survive the fall. You actually have to drop the box from the height to see its behavior. Drop tester is now widely used to perform this testing. Drop testing machine comes with a movable platform that can take the box of up to 60 kg of weight to a certain height. The platform consists of two flaps that opens up when operated from wired remote. As flaps open, the specimen falls freely on the ground. This machine eliminates the human interference from the whole test process and gives accurate test results.

Procedure of Drop Test

The complete test procedure is defined in the testing standards. Manufacturer can either set and follow the internal standards or follow the international standard of relative authority. The maximum height that can be tested on this machine is 60 kgs.
This test tells a lot about the behavior of the box in case of mishandling. If a carton falls freely on the floor, it can fall on its edges, on flat face or on its corner. Thus, while performing the test, the real case scenarios are kept in mind and box is made to fall on different angles. To make the results more realistic, the intended content can be packed inside and then test is performed. There are no numeric values to display or gauging, the observations are made visually. The box either passes the test or fails, with a certain level of tolerance.

Drop tester comes with a wired remote to make the test process completely unmanned. Presto is the leading manufacturer and supplier of packaging testing instruments. We offer a wide range of instruments for back to back testing of packaging materials, be it plastic, corrugated fibre board or plastic films. If you are looking for high quality testing equipment, contact our team of experts. They will help you in choosing the perfect machine for your industry at competitive prices.