Verify Packaging Quality With Drop Tester

Verify Packaging Quality With Drop Tester

For proper storage of water or chemicals becomes an important issue in a plant. In order to ensure that the chemicals are stored safely in polyethylene tanks, selection of custom build tanks are must with correct wall thickness. Tank walls come with a variety of wall thickness which depends on the design to store and its basic geometry.

To begin with the chemical and operating temperature, the tank thickness varies based on Specific gravity rating (SPG) of the tank. The tanks can range from .29 inches to 1.5 inches thick which depends on its geometry and the place where the measurements are taken. The pressure on the bottom sidewall of the tank maximises which is based on the weight of the fluid. To offset the weight, the thicker wall is required to adjust for the extra pressure applied on the sidewall and the floor of narrow and tall tanks. Storage tanks contain water, chemical, petroleum etc. which can be extremely damaging if an accident occurs due to corrosion. So, it needs thickness measurements at regular intervals.

Magnamike 8600 is used to test the wall thickness of water tanks, aluminium, glass etc. It is based on Hall Effect technology.  A simple magnetic method makes a simple and repeatable measurement of various non-ferrous materials. Wall thickness gauge is used to test the wall thickness of tanks to conform to ASTM standards and that the tank can manage the pressure applied from the fluids being stored.


Olympus Thickness gauge is a high quality product by Olympus. It is the best device to conduct wall thickness testing. It performs wall thickness of PET bottles using the non-destructive method.  Presto is an authorised dealer of the device. Bottle wall thickness gauge provides an accurate and consistent result. By accurately measuring the thickness of the bottles, plastic products and tanks, the manufacturers in PET industries assure uniformity of wall thickness from every angle of the bottle or plastic tanks.

Wall Thickness gauge is applied in many fields such as to measure the thickness of packaging, plastic bottles and packaging of medical. It also measures the thickness of glass containers and scientific glass, aluminium beverage cans, paper glass, foam and HDPE containers.