Pet Bottles Using Section Weight Analysis Methodology

Test The Balancing Of The Pet Bottles Using Section Weight Analysis Methodology

Test The Balancing Of The Pet Bottles Using Section Weight Analysis Methodology

PET products like bottles, containers, jars are widely used in different production verticals to pack liquids, food products, medicines, syrups and many more. These plastic bottles are majorly used for the packaging purpose and nowadays completely vanishes the requirements of secondary means of packaging products like aluminum cans, glass bottles and many more. Hence, it is necessary to test the quality of these bottles before supplying the PET bottles to the customers.

Major Property of PET Bottles to Measure the Quality

The major property of the PET products that ensure the quality of the bottles and containers is the Balancing of the bottles. This can be tested only by using section weight analysis testing methodology. Plastic Bottle cutter or Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is the best testing machine to perform section weight analysis. It is the best testing device which is used to measure the balancing quality of the PET bottles.

How Presto’s Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is better from others?

Presto Stantest offers high quality of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter to measure the balancing of the PET bottles. It is the cost saving and easiest way to cut the PET bottles for perfect section weight analysis. It is the best testing device that accurately cut the bottle in standard sizes without deforming the edges of the bottles.  The instrument quickly cuts the bottle in three sections with the help of high quality heated hot wires. It is easy to achieve the target of accurate cutting with the best level of accuracy to properly analyze the quality of the products.

The Presto’s hot wire bottle cutter cut the bottle into three equal sections, and the weight of each section of the bottle is determined individually with the standard weights to ensure the balancing of the bottles accurately. The plastic bottle cutter is provided with some major attributes like the rapid warming of the wires for accurate cutting of the samples, accuracy, energy saving design, safety cover design, the instrument can be set to preheating mode and cut mode easily.

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