Ensure Best Balancing Of Pet & Preforms With Hot Wire Bottle Cutters

Ensure Best Balancing Of Pet & Preforms With Hot Wire Bottle Cutters

Use of PET Products in Different Industries

The packaging of the products is a major perspective which helps to safely pack industrial as well as domestic products. The packaging not only protects the product from transportation hurdles and external factors but also provide the elegant appearance of the products that helps to attract the individual buyers. The food products like juices, jams, sauces, beverages are usually packed in PET products as they are safe and non-reactive to harmful chemical and do not release ant toxic substances when come in contact with the products. Moreover, the PET products are economic in nature and easily affordable products that help the manufacturers to maintain the net cost of the product after packaging. Moreover, these products have provided the best alternative to pack chemicals, medicines, and drugs as they are not delicate in nature as compared to secondary packaging products like glass products and paper products.

Properties of PET Bottles that Must Be Tested Efficiently

As PET products are considered as the best means of packaging and serving the requirement of packaging in different production verticals, it is necessary to test all the properties of the PET products that badly affects the quality of the PET Bottles are burst strength, leakage property, balancing, frequent tripping, spillage, perpendicularity, and many more.

Frequent Tripping – Major Defect That Influence the Quality of PET Bottles

The best test procedure that helps to detect the problem of frequent tripping of bottles is Section Weight Analysis. This can be done appropriately with the help of high-quality of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter. The instrument is widely used to measure balancing and equal distribution of the material throughout the bottle by cutting the bottle in multiple sections without deforming the actual shape.

Testing Solution for Section Weight Analysis by Presto

Presto Stantest design and manufactures highly-effective Hot Wire Bottle Cutter to measure the Balancing Strength of the Bottles. The instrument efficiently checks the quality of the PET products.