Provide Firm Balancing To Pet Bottles With Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

Provide Firm Balancing To Pet Bottles With Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

The PET bottles are used for a variety of uses in different testing industries. The industries used them for packaging of various products like carbonated beverages, pharmaceutical syrups, liquefied gaseous food products and many more. The packaging of these products is of high importance as the packaging is responsible for hygiene and safety of the products. Various quality aspects contribute to the quality of the PET bottles and are widely used for the packaging. The major consequence which is faced by the manufacturers in PET & Preform industry is the bad balancing of the PET products. This bad balancing leads to the frequent falling of the bottle. This can create major safety threat and also affect the hygiene of the products that are packed using these bottles.

Problems found in the quality of PET products

With the frequent falling of the bottle, the product can easily spill out from the bottle which is not good for the safety of the product. Hence, the manufacturers need to take the compulsory step to ensure that the balance of the PET products is perfect so that they do not fell down frequently.

To assure the balance of the bottles, it is required to test whether the weight of the different sections of the bottle in the right proportion is perfect or not. The method is known as section weight analysis. In this test method, the sample bottle is cut in three equal section i.e. Top, cylinder, and bottom. After the sections are perfectly cut into three sections, they are separately weighed for section weight analysis. If the weight of the bottle is not in standard proportion, the sample is simply rejected, and required changes are made to the manufacturing process.

How to do section weight analysis perfectly?

To execute the section weight analysis, the most important thing is to cut the bottles perfectly. Most of the times, when these bottles are cut the edges of the bottle get deformed which directly affect the balancing results. To cut the bottles perfectly without deforming actual shape and size, Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is used. It is the best testing machine which is used to cut the bottles in three sections with high accuracy without deforming the actual shape of the bottle. The instrument is widely used to assure the quality of the PET products. It is equipped with the three high-quality of sharp wires that cut the bottle perfects in three different sections of standard dimensions with high accuracy. To buy the high-quality product, always consult the reputed manufacturers in the same niche.