Safeguard your cartons against higher drops with drop tester

Safeguard your cartons against higher drops with drop tester

drop tester

With the ever-increasing demands of transportation and logistics, ensuring the durability and resilience of corrugated cartons has become a paramount concern. That's where our state-of-the-art Drop Tester steps in, revolutionizing the way you protect your products during transit.

Designed to meticulously test the drop strength of corrugated cartons, our Drop Tester guarantees the utmost reliability and peace of mind. In this blog, you will discover how this cutting-edge technology can fortify your packaging, eliminate breakages, and elevate your product's journey to new heights of safety and security.

Eliminate the fear of product breakage by testing its drop strength

In the packaging industry, testing the drop strength of packages will help the manufacturers in ensuring the quality of materials delivered to the customers.

Thus, we at Presto have come up with one of the most widely used lab testing instruments in the packaging industry known as the drop strength tester.

With our comprehensive drop strength testing, you can eliminate those worries and gain the confidence to ship your products with peace of mind. Our cutting-edge testing methods rigorously assess the resilience and durability of your products under various drop scenarios, ensuring they can withstand the toughest challenges during transit.

By subjecting your products to meticulous drop tests, we provide you with accurate data and valuable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions about packaging and shipping.

Say goodbye to the fear of breakage and welcome a new era of product protection with our trusted drop-strength testing equipment.

Users can easily improve the quality of packaging with the Presto drop strength tester. Now, let us discuss brief information about the Presto drop tester.

All about Presto drop tester manual model

The Presto drop strength testing instrument is exceptional testing equipment designed to provide highly consistent and accurate results. With its remarkable features, this instrument ensures repeatable testing outcomes that you can rely on. The Presto Drop Tester comes equipped with a conformance certificate, assuring you of its quality and adherence to standards.

The testing platform is conveniently adjustable and works well with the guided mechanism that allows easy upliftment. Additionally, the drop height adjustable clamp enables precise control over the drop height, catering to your specific testing requirements. This versatile lab testing instrument allows you to perform both straight and angular drop tests, offering flexibility and convenience in a single device.

Built with a strong base plate and rugged structure, the Presto Drop Tester guarantees durability and stability throughout your testing processes. Complying with the IS: 7028 Part IV standards, this testing equipment ensures your products meet the required quality and safety benchmarks.

Trust the Presto Drop Tester to deliver consistent, accurate, and reliable results for your drop testing needs. Now, let us discuss the features and technical specifications of this quality testing equipment.

Features of Presto drop strength tester

  • It is highly consistent equipment for findings repeatable and accurate results.

  • The testing instrument is supplied with a conformance certificate.

  • Provision to uplift test platform by the guide mechanism

  • Drop Height adjustable clamp

  • Straight and Angular Drop tests can be performed on a single Instrument

  • Strong base plate with a rugged structure

  • Optional Features:

  • Pneumatic models in various platform sizes are also available as per requirement.


IS: 7028 Part IV

Technical specifications:

  • The height of the laboratory equipment is 1.8 meters (Adjustable).

  • Higher-height models are also available.

  • The load can be exerted up to 50 kg.

  • The maximum and Minimum height of the drop is 1800 mm and 750 mm respectively.

  • Sample Mounting table –465 * 445 mm

  • An adjustable angle holder is provided with the device.

Type of tests:

  • Straight Drop

  • Angular Drop

  • Safety: Locking pin

With these high-end features and technical specifications, manufacturers can accurately conduct drop strength tests on packages and ensure that quality materials will be delivered to the customers. With the use of these high-quality lab testing instruments, manufacturers can easily drop the flaws of their products with a Presto drop tester.


In conclusion, the use of a drop tester in packaging is indispensable for ensuring the integrity and durability of products during transit. By subjecting cartons and packages to rigorous drop tests, manufacturers and suppliers can identify potential weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement in their packaging designs.

The drop tester provides valuable data and insights into the ability of packaging to withstand the impact and shocks that occur during handling and transportation. This information empowers businesses to make informed decisions about packaging materials, structural design, and protective measures, ultimately reducing the risk of product breakage, damage, and customer dissatisfaction.

You can easily book a live demo for the use of this quality testing equipment by giving us a call at +91-9210 903 903 or emailing us at Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs and queries.

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