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Drop Tester-A Must Have Equipment to Estimate Transit Damage

Industries which deal in Packaging and Transporting of goods must be aware of Transit damages and why it is important to predict the same. The packages while transporting can meet any type of sudden falls or impacts instead of high quality packing and securing techniques. You can never know what happens to the transport and how that can impact of the goods they are carrying. There are three modes of transit, road, water and air. During which the packages can face distinct situations such as, they might tumble over each other. They may fall off on the road. They may encounter a sudden impact resulting into packages getting pierced etc.

The best solution to avoid such damages up to maximum extent is by securing the packages well and that can be done only when you can predict the face of damage. For this you need a standardized instrument which can precisely imitate the real-life falls and drops from distinct height and angles. So that the operator can estimate the damage and can accordingly plan to avoid it. Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned name in the field of packaging testing. From its wide range of instruments, comes Drop tester, which is specially designed to fulfil the need of quality checks for Packages and Bottles.

The test machine is built from a high grade mild steel material which is Powder coated with Havel Grey & Blue color combination for a decent and standard appearance. Also has a bright chrome/zinc plating for corrosion resistant finish, which will help in a long run performance of the material. It has a single column travelling length. The base is strong enough to hold heavy specimens. The size of the machine is highly customizable. It can be designed as per your requirements. The machine strictly adheres international test standards such as IS: 7028 Pt IV.

The test platform is designed using special technology. It has twin flaps which opens on instruction and initiate the fall or drop. The height of fall is adjustable by smooth functioning of manual lever.

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