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Measure The Transport Worthiness Of Heavy Cartons With Drop Tester

Packaging not only helps to attract the customers to buy the products but also provides safety to the products. Packaging plays a major role to protect or safeguard the products from various transportation hurdles. Hence, it is necessary for the producers in the packaging industry to measure various properties of papers and cardboards that are used to make packaging materials. The quality of the packaging material can be measured by performing various types of tests in the materials like drop test, burst test, compression test, impact test, peel test, etc. These test methods are used to measure various mechanical properties of a packaging material.

Best Solution to Measure the Drop Strength

One of the best test procedures which are used to measure the transport worthiness of heavy cartons, shipping containers, corrugated boxes, etc. is Drop Test. The test can be performed with the help of a testing instrument known as Drop Tester. As per this test method, the angular dropping arrangement is duly provided with the machine to examine precisely the value of the packages from all the angles. The test is also used in PET & Preform industry to analyze the dropping strength of the PET bottles. The test specimen is dropped from a standard height to analyze the strength of the packaging material or PET bottles that how much force it can bear without damaging the inner content at the time of storage or warehousing.

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