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Efficiently Check The Quality Of Glass Products With Polariscope

The glass is a very useful material that is used in a variety of industries for manufacturing of different articles and products. The material is ideal for manufacturing of different domestic as well as industrial articles such as glass utensils, eyewear lenses, and glass window panes and so forth.  The best property of glass is its clarity and transparency which makes it very useful. The clarity of the glass products makes them high attractive and beautiful aesthetically. If the glass products are not completely clear or do not have the desired level of transparency, it can be a big quality defect for the products, and they will be rejected in an instance.

The manufacturers of glass products must keep in mind that the quality of glass products must be checked as there are many different quality defects that are induced in the products during the manufacturing and heating process. Some these defects include air bubble, bad strain distribution, strain induced crystallization defects, water and flash marks and so forth. The manufacturers need to use the best instrument to study these defects and discard the defective products prior to they are provided to the clients.

The Polariscope strain viewer is a highly efficient testing equipment that is used in glass industries to check the quality of glass products under polarized light. In this way, the minutest quality defects in the products can be detected easily, and necessary steps towards quality enhancement could be taken by the customers.

Presto is a competent and leading exporter, supplier and manufacturer of Polariscope strain viewer that are used for quality testing of glass products in different glass industries. The instrument offers very easy and simple operation with highly accurate testing data.

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