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View The Strains On The Surface Of Preforms With Polariscope

PET products are used to fulfill the purpose of packaging of different products such as in Pharmaceuticals to pack highly critical products. The pharmaceutical goods are very vulnerable in nature to external threats, and therefore, it is important to offer the best level of safety for the products. The PET products are used to pack various pharmaceutical goods that need to be of best quality. To ensure the quality of the PET products, it is necessary to test the quality of the Preforms. The best way to view the strain or defects in Preforms, high quality of testing machines are used to ensure the quality of the base material which is used to manufacture PET bottles.

Useful Device to View Strains in Preforms

One such testing machine which can measure the quality of the Preforms is Surface Strain Viewers. The testing instrument helps to make the process of testing simple and easy with accurate test results. The testing machine is used for accurate determination of the quality defects that are usually found in the Preforms such as flash marks, watermarks, bubbles, crystallization and many more. The testing machine makes use of polarized light to detect the quality defects that are present in the PET preforms. Along with the testing machine surface strain viewer, a defect identification chart is also provided that helps to read the types of defect that are seen under polarized light.

Presto Stantest is the world’s famous manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Surface Strain Viewers. The testing machine is designed for accurate and operational testing of the Preforms. The testing machine is designed as per the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities. For more information on the device, visit: or you can also call our experts to know more about the machine.

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