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Improve Metal Surface Protection with Salt Fog Test

Paints are utilized for protecting the surface area of almost all types of material. The material surface needs protection against harsh environmental conditions including heat, moisture, corrosion etc. and if the surface is metallic then only a good quality coating can save it from the attack of corrosion. Corrosion is the oxidation of the metal ions into oxidized iron form. After which it also open up gate for microorganism to grow and melt the surface further more. In this post, we will read more about salt spray tester.

The Salt Spray Chamber is very much renowned in the metal industry. It is used to evaluate the duration or cycles after which the sample will fail and get attacked by corrosion. The chamber is designed as per national and international testing standards. The machine has particular angle even to fulfil the standard design.

During the test the specimen are hanged or placed in the chamber, whatever comforts the user, the chamber is then locked and the testing parameters can be set using HMI base touchscreen software. Then a salt fog is generated inside the machine which tries to corrode the metal surface. Please note that the corrosion can be inspected visually.

Presto’s corrosion test chamber highly level insulation wall so that heat loss can be avoided. The test cycle is run for reputable times but the accuracy of the machine is high. No chances of human errors as the software is operated through touchscreen. One must know that how you can improve the quality of the machine. The standardization is very important.


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