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Why is Torque Measurement Important for Bottle Testing?

Many industries use bottles for packing different types of fluids or liquids. Paints, Syrups, Oils, Acids, Ketchup, etc. are some common examples used in daily life. Not matter if they are PET or Glass bottles, measuring the torque of caps is common practice.

Why is torque measured?

Torque is the rotational force that a user applies to open the cap of the bottle. Say, a bottle of cough syrup is grabbed by an infant. He will play with it and tries to open the bottle. If the force required to open the bottle is less, he will open it and may consume it which could be dangerous for him. This is why estimating the torque of bottle has become a standard practice so that only intended user is able to open it.

How is torque measured?

Presto’s torque testing machine is the perfect device to assess how much torque is required to apply to open the bottle. 4 models of torque tester are available to choose from.

Analogue tester – It has an analogue display to reflect the force applied on the bottle. 4 pegs are there to hold the bottle. The operator will open the bottle; how much force is applied by the operator will be displayed.

Digital tester – It works in a similar manner the way the analogue model works. The only difference is that it gives the output in digital format on the digital display.

Computerised digital torque tester – This model again works in a similar manner the way the analogue model works. The difference is that the output will be observed in digital format on the digital display. Apart from that, it has computer connectivity. Transferring data to the computer is very easy. Observations can be logged into .xls format for tests performed on different bottles on the same batch. It helps in data comparison and thus helps in identifying the defects in the neckline.

Motorised digital torque tester – This model is completely different from rest of the models available. It has a motorised assembly to hold the cap of the bottle and 4 pegs to hold the bottle from the bottom. As soon you start the test, the pegs will move the bottom of the bottle while keeping the cap stationary. The torque applied will be displayed on the display. Data logging can be done very easily as it has the feature of computer connectivity. It is the most advanced model of torque tester and gives very accurate readings. It has minimal human interference; thus the chances of errors are minimised to a huge extent

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