Wall Thickness of Molded Plastic Non-Destructive Mode of Testing

Measure the Wall Thickness of Molded Plastic using Non-Destructive Mode of Testing

Molding is a process which takes place during the process of material using injection molding to convert a material into a mold. This process of molding is also known as die-casting of materials such as plastics, metals, glasses and elastomers, thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. To convert a material into a mold material in inserted into a heated barrel and then forced into a cavity where it cool down and get hardened. But measuring quality and different properties of a plain plastic material is quite easy rather than measuring the quality of a molded material without deforming its shape and without cutting it. One such material is molded, Polyurethane Roll.

Polyurethane, also known as Urethanes are widely used in different manufacturing houses to manufacture resilience foam seating, insulation panels, durable elastomeric wheels and tires, microcellular seals and gaskets, automotive suspension bushing, high-performance adhesives, synthetic fibers, hard plastic parts such as electronic instruments and many more. Due to the wide usage of polyurethane rolls in different applications, it is the prime duty of the manufacturers to measure the quality, strength and other properties of plastics and molded plastic rolls using high-quality of Testing Instruments.

Presto Stantest offers highly accurate and reliable range of testing instruments that are used to measure the quality and strength of the products using non-destructive means such as wall thickness gauge – Magnamike 8600. These testing machines are very easy to operate and offer best and reliable test results. The testing instrument helps to measure physical properties by means of non-destructive testing to detect the quality and strength of the materials.