Quality Of PET Products-Magnamike 8600 wall thickness Gauges

Ensure The Best Strength And Quality Of PET Products With Magnamike 8600 Wall Thickness Gauges

For PET industry, quality assurance is one of the most important aspects that helps in ensuring the best quality of Products and helps the manufacturers to build a large and trusted client base. 

 If the quality of the PET packaging products is not of high grade, it can be great threat for the safety of the products that are packaged inside them. The thickness of the walls of the PET products is also a major attribute of quality of the products. The thickness of the walls decides various properties of PET properties such as bursting strength, compressive strength and so forth.

In order to ensure that the thickness of the walls is uniform and of proper measurements, it must be tested through proper testing instrument. MagnaMike 8600 is a highly precise testing instrument that is widely used in the PET and Preform industries for best assessment of uniformity of walls of PET products. The instrument works on the principle of Hall’s Effect. It offers a non-destructive way of measuring the thickness of walls of the PET products with great accuracy. The instrument is provided with a magnetic probe along with replaceable caps.

Presto is a certified dealer of MagnaMike 8600. The instrument conforms to all the essential standards and can be used for international markets too.