Make Your PET Products Crystal Clear With Digital Transparency Tester

Make Your PET Products Crystal Clear With Digital Transparency Tester

PET products are used on a large scale in different production houses to fulfill the need to safe packaging. These products are widely used in pharmaceutical industries, beverage bottling plants, food industries, pharmaceutical industries, chemicals and many more. The PET products are recommended for highly crucial applications as they are safe, leak proof, durable and non-reactive to chemicals which make them best among all available options of packaging. Due to the wide usage of the PET products, it is the duty of the manufacturers in PET & Preform industries to produce only best quality of PET products and test the properties of the bottles using various testing machines in order to satisfy all the requirements of the customers.

Testing Instruments to Test the Transparency of Bottles

PET products are used to maintain the best level of hygiene and safety of the products mainly at the time of storage, warehousing and transportation. There is a huge list of testing machines that can assure the quality of the PET products. One of the best devices that best assure PET product quality is Digital Transparency Tester. Measuring the transparency of the PET bottles and making the bottle crystal clear is the major aspect that explains the quality of the bottles. The crystal clear and transparent bottles look elegant and attract the consumers towards the product. If the level of transparency does not reaches customers desire level, it will be considered as the major quality flaw in the bottles.

Role of Presto Stantest in Offering PET Bottle Testing Machines

Presto Stantest, one of the famous and renowned testing machines manufacturer, offers superior quality of Digital Transparency Tester. Presto manufactures two models of transparency Tester i.e. for Glasses and Bottles and other for testing the transparency of preforms. The instrument is designed under the strict guidance of highly skilled and experienced engineers. The device is designed as per the related standards. To know more about the Digital Transparency Tester in detail, visit: