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Perform Transparency Test On Pet & Preforms With Transparency Tester

PET industries are growing at a faster pace as PET products are the safest medium to pack the products. The main reason for the wide usage of the PET products is the better protection and safety that these products offer. One of the major properties of the PET products that explain the quality of the PET products is the Transparency. The transparency of the PET products explains the quality of the products. If the transparency of the PET products is not up to the mark, it will be considered as the major quality flaw.

Make PET Bottle Crystal Clear

In order to test that the transparency of the Bottles in terms of quality that does not have any kind of flaw, Transparency Tester is used that makes the PET bottles crystal clear. It is the best and highly effective testing technique that helps to measure the level of transparency in PET products that ensures the quality of the Products in highly effective manner. To know in detail about Transparency Testing Instruments, call our experts.

Test the Transparency of Bottles with Presto Devices

Presto Stantest, one of the leading manufacturer of PET & Preform testing machines, offers two models of transparency tester one to test the transparency of Preforms and another one to test the transparency of bottles. The testing machine is capable enough to measure the level of transparency in bottles and preforms from completely opaque to completely transparent. With the help of Transparency Testing Machine, it becomes easy for the manufacturers in PET Industries to measure the quality of the products and rejects the entire lot at the very first stage if the defects are detected

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