Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester for Printing Quality

Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester for Printing Quality

Rub resistance describes the ability of printed material to withstand abrasion. 

To overcome the challenge Presto Testing Instrument’s offers a highly accurate and precise Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester.

This instrument has been innovated after years of long research.

It ensures that there is a uniform load distribution across the test area.

In this test, the bonding of surface with ink is analyzed.

E.g. ink layer or photosensitive (PS) coating.

Quiet Rubbing Process 


  • Speed – 43 – ±2 cycle/minute
  • Rub mode – Arc reciprocating movement
  • Pressure – 2 lbs and 4 lbs
  • Sensor Type – PNP
  • Counter – 9999 Digits
  • Supply –  Single phase


  • The body is made up of mild steel with rust proof coating 
  • Test load – 2 No’s
  • It is powder coated Havel Grey and Blue combination, bright chrome zinc plating for corrosion resistance
  • Dimensions – 300X470X428mm
  • Arm rotation – Through Gear motor 

MODEL: -   PART – 0102


Material:  Mild Steel
Test Load:   2 no’s
Arm Rotation:    Through Gear motor
Dimensions:    300 x 470 x 428 mm

  • Rotary Scuff Resistance tester also available 

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