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Improve Quality Of Labels Using Scuff Resistance Tester

From the customer’s perspective, a product is analysed by its price and quality. The most important part that plays to showcase the quality is through packaging and labels. When a customer looks at the product, the first thing that affects its psychology is the label. Labels that are peeling off, has bubbles, or the ink is blurred puts a bad image on the customer and the customer judges about the product immediately.Even after a lot of efforts put to enhance the quality and taste, the product will not sell if the customer associates it with low value. Improving the labelling system and choice of material helps to improve the mind-set of customers as they judge the products by its cover. Smallest detail helps to understand the depths of the quality of the company as every part of product concerns the packaging, design and labels. Avoid labelling mistakes as it could cost sales or affect the reputation of the company.

Scuff resistance tester is used to test the strength of printed material and informative text. The scuffing test on the labels is conducted to test the quality of ink used for printing the information on the corrugated materials. It checks the durability and sustainability of materials during handling and transportation. The machine checks whether the print on the labels can resist rubbing and sustain its clarity. The items are subject to transit jerks and push the boxes to rub against each other or walls of any vehicles. The abrasion test can be conducted on such materials so that the quality can be maintained. Products usually face quality issues due to scuffing and abrasion due to internal usage or external environment.


Scuff resistance tester rubs two printed surfaces against each other i.e. face to face in the same plane at a constant speed under uniform pressure. Scuff resistance tester is used by packaging industries to measure the color transfer from coated or printed surfaces at the time of rubbing. Adhering to standards, the machine ensures quality at its best to its customers. The sample size is 48mm and 120mm and weight sample is 1 psi with an additional 1 psi weights are also provided. It can undergo a 0-9999 number of cycles. Least count of the counter is 1 having a rotational speed of 60 rpm. It exhibits a very effective machine with a motor capacity of ¼ HP and a safety lock feature.

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