Importance Of Scuff Resistance Testing In Pharmaceuticals

Importance Of Scuff Resistance Testing In Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have a moral responsibility of delivering drugs in their original shape and composition. Pharma industry requires almost every type of packaging service, blister packaging, PET bottle packaging, flexible packaging, glass bottles are some common forms that are widely used. Apart from that, their transportation is a very tedious task. Maintaining a controlled temperature and humidity are some common factors to look for.

In this scenario, maintaining the information written on the label of any pharmaceutical packaging is very important. Prints and labels contain very crucial information about the drug. The most important points like stamped expiration dates and name of salts are the components which never should fade away.

Area of concerns to maintain the packaging of pharmaceuticals?

Vibrations. It is natural that packaging will experience vibration during transit and handling, which cause scuffing. It is the process when two surfaces rub against each other. Scuffing may result in abrasions, fuzz, wear and tear and fading of prints.

Scuffing is a natural phenomenon. If extreme care is being taken to avoid scuffing at packaging level, there is no guarantee that retailer would take equal care of it. Therefore, it is very important to conduct a scuff resistance test on the packaging of drugs, especially in blister packaging. The friction is more in this type of packaging in comparison to other forms of packaging.

A scuff resistance tester has two movable plates for attaching the testing samples. These two plates rub against each other. The number of rotations depends upon the preset counter. Depending upon the harshness of real-time conditions, number of rotations can be set.


Temperature and Humidity. There are many drugs which are sensitive to environmental conditions, as their composition may disturb.

Utility. How and where the drug is being used? Who are the end handlers? The packaging should be convenient enough to be opened by intended user. But it should be absolutely safe for children.

Free fall impact. This is one of the most important tests to conduct on drug packaging. Drugs often have different handlers; transporters, retailers, hospital staff, the patient. Everybody has different tendency to deal with things. Therefore, packaging should be sturdy enough to withstand different impacts.

Storage. Again, the warehouses where medicines are being stacked and stored affects the packaging of drugs. Quality control manager at warehouses performs different tests to check the quality of packaging. Scuff resistance tester plays an important role in determining the shelf life of printability on the corrugated packaging or plastic packaging.The testing procedure primarily depends on what is the packaging type. There are many testing instruments available to test the subjected environments and intended use. In the pharmaceutical industry, reliable testing instruments play a crucial role, be it manufacturing of drugs or their packaging.