How to Make High Quality Labels Using Scuff Resistance Tester?

How to Make High Quality Labels Using Scuff Resistance Tester?

Different forms of packings are now being introduced to assure the safety of the products. From a small component to heavy machines, every product is packed is either secondary or primary packing. Be it any form of packing, it directly impacts the buying psychology of a customer. We have a tendency to judge the quality of the product from its packing. We often consider this an unimportant aspect of a product, but knowingly or unknowingly it plays with our buying decisions.

Now manufacturers are becoming smart and incorporating some high end machines with cutting edge technology to assure high quality packings. Not only strength of the packet is important, but other things like seal, its labels, etc. are also important. Yes labels. As they carry important information about the product, it becomes important that it should reach to intended user in good manner. A label undergoes different testing procedures. Peel or adhesion strength testing, scuff resistance testing, printability check, colour quantifications are some common tests which are performed in aby label testing lab.

What is Scuff Resistance Testing?

Scuffing is the process of rubbing of two surfaces together. Due to friction of surfaces, some part of label abrades during scuffing. This results in loss of information. The labels become extremely repelling in appearance. Scuffing is natural when two objects are kept together. Nothing can be done about it. But of course, some precautions can be taken to resist it. You can make your labels resistant to abrasion. To work in a right direction, it is very important that you have some evidences to know how resistant your label is. Then comes in the scuff resistance tester. In scuff resistance testing, the test specimen is rub against an abrading paper for specific rotations. Due to constant friction, the print from the label starts to abrade.

Scuff Resistance Tester

Scuff resistance tester is a high-end testing instrument used majorly in all packaging industries. This ensures that labels tested from this machine are resistant against scuffing to a certain extent. In this test, the actual friction is simulated. Other packaging materials that can be tested with this machine are magazine covers, printing on keypads, brochures, etc.

Presto offers high-quality scuff resistance tester for testing of labels. The machine is complying with international testing standards so that products tested from the machines get accepted worldwide.