How to Measure Sectional Weight of the Bottle?

How to Measure Sectional Weight of the Bottle?


To get the perfect shape of a PET bottle, it undergoes many testing procedures. Nowadays, PET bottles are available in intricate shapes and sizes. What interesting about them is, irrespective of their shape and size they are perfectly balanced. For a perfect bottle, there are many contributing factors that decides its quality.

To assess different properties, different types of tests are performed like destructive and nondestructive tests. Both the types reveal a lot about the characteristics of the engineered design. Majorly, a body is divided into 3 sections; Neck, Body and bottom. And consistency in each section is equally important. What more important here is measuring that consistency. The trickiest part is to cut the bottle into appropriate sections without any deformity. Hot wire bottle cutter is the perfect machine to do this job.

The assembly has a heating unit on one side and a frame having 2-3 wires on the other side. The frame is more like a hollow lid having wires attached to it. The heating unit heats up the wire to make it hot enough to cut the PET bottle by just passing through them. The assembly has a clamping unit to hold the bottle in horizontal position. This clamp makes sure that bottle doesn’t slip throughout the cutting process. 2 wire assembly cuts the bottle into 3 sections, while 3 wire assembly cuts the bottle into 4 sections. During the whole process, the wires cut the bottles very precisely and thus avoiding the deformity.

Importance of Determining Sectional Weight

Once the bottle is cut into 3 parts, each section is measured individually. It is very important that after the blow moulding, the weight of all sections is as per the specification. If there is a discrepancy in the observed values, the final product will depict uneven results like rocker bottom, unstable structure, prone to buckling, etc. The balancing is a very important aspect of the PET bottle, it ensures stability. Unstable bottles may lead to unwanted spilling. Thus, an unstable product is considered as failed product.
Newly engineered designs cannot be approved by just visual inspection. A lot of research and development is behind every successful design. Before starting the mass production, it is mandatory to conduct the testing procedure to avoid any product failure later and that too at large scale.

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