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Kanthal Wire Cutting Machine for Oil Bottles

Oil containers while in filling line must maintain a standard base platform for standing straight. As their slippage can lead to hazardous conditions such as catching fire or slipping accidents. It is not the case that other forms of liquid slippage will not lead to any issue. But Oil slipping over the manufacturing area can cause more danger than any other substance. To avoid such instances, it is important that the oil bottles must stand on a strong base. The test methods used to assess the weight of the containers section wise is known as Hot wire bottle cutter.

The equipment is responsible for performing section weight assessment on oil bottles. You may think? How this can help. Well container’s section weight analysis help in estimating the precise mass of the object and this leads to the fact that if the material of which the bottle is made is uniformly distributed throughout the body or not. When the bottle has a uniform and stably distributed weight, they do not fall off easily without exerting additional force. Hence, testing the section weight of the bottle is important for quality process. The equipment is designed as per highly authorized test standards. This means that the test performed on this equipment can be accepted worldwide.

The machine uses special Kanthal Wire for slicing up the bottles. Kanthal is considered as the most in demand material used in slicing of plastic containers. It slice the specimen without leaving uneven edges. Equipped with a variable voltage potentiometer to manage the voltage delivered during the test process. Digital based display screen is used to monitor and control temperature. The clamping mechanism hold special arrangement of nuts and bolts for bottle neck clamping. The strong clamping feature ensures that the specimen does not move a bit during its slicing. This can avoid uneven cutting of PET bottle.

The machine design and feature assures the user for complete precision and accuracy in the process of section slicing of oil bottles. The clamping fixtures can easily adjust the width and length of the holders as per the bottle held for slicing. The Kanthal wire tension can also be adjusted by pulling it or leaving it loose. This can affect the slicing technique used for bottles. The base plate is a strong and rugged structure which ensures strong hold while the slicing is conducted. The machine is available for the customer in both 2 wire and 3 wire configuration.

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