Calculate Load Bearing Capacity of Bottle

Calculate Load Bearing Capacity of Bottles


Plastic or more clearly PET bottles are the new era of liquid packaging. But as something new is introduced in the market, it is always taken with many quality doubts by the customers. Whether it will sustain or not, will it perform well, is this the better alternative and why. Answers to all those questions regarding quality aspect of PET bottle can only be a high-class test equipment.

Top load tester is a highly proficient testing equipment designed to evaluate the load bearing capacity of bottles. Suitable for any type of plastic bottles. Considered by numerous industries such as pharmaceutical, packaging, beverage etc. It is a semi-automated version and uses motorized power for conducting top load test on plastic bottles. It very precisely can calculate the compressive buckling load of PET bottles.

Equipped with microprocessor based digital display which converts the force application into numerical value and show on the screen while the test is running live. It also has automated Tare and peak value hold feature. Using this operator can set a tare value before testing the specimen and then can measure the peak value at which the specimen starts buckling. This can be very helpful in further calculations.

The test results can be trusted across the globe as the equipment is constructed and designed using international test standards. Inverted straight compression concave jaws are used for tight sample clamping and assure zero slippage during the test. The safety measures has been taken very carefully by the equipment. The machine can be switched off when buckling is experienced by the specimen.