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Estimate Internal Strength of Bottles under Burst Pressure

PET bottles which are manufactured for carrying soda or other pressurized beverages have to sustain a lot amount of internal pressure. Under this much internal force the material may burst out if not manufactured with good quality material and using the right method. Equipment like Bottle Burst Tester can estimate the exact internal strength of the bottles by applying a specified amount of pressure on the specimen. It can help in ascertaining the real behaviour of PET bottles under increasing internal pressure.

The Bottle burst testing machine is equipped with a pressure hold facility which keeps a precise record of the applied pressure during the test and the pressure value at which the container fail to sustain and burst. A hi-tech Digital timer for controlling the sample timing. The machine offers superior level of sample clamping techniques which ensure zero slippage of the sample and no pressure loss during the test.

It complies with ASTM C147-86 (2015) which is considered to be the ideal test standard used for checking the quality of PET bottles made for carrying pressurized beverages. Equipped with digital based display for having a test read out of most accurate values. The pressure work is managed with pneumatic controls. This ensure zero chance of errors as pneumatic pressure control is considered to be the premier pressure manging technique.

The specimen clamping can be enhanced by tightening the bottle with rotational level arm. Automated pressure hold facility is available. During the test, the pressure at which the bottle fails to resist and burst is recorded. The test cabinet is suitable for different sized bottles and has safety measures which gives a buzz sound on test completion.

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