Use Premium Quality Of Hot Wire Pet Bottle Cutter For Section Weight Analysis

Use Premium Quality Of Hot Wire Pet Bottle Cutter For Section Weight Analysis

PET bottles are of the best and widely used source of packaging that is used to pack different types of products. PET bottles are extremely light in weight and effective medium of packaging which is preferred by the manufacturers of various production verticals to pack liquid products, beverages, medicines, syrups, drugs, drugs and chemicals and many more. The producers of PET products must make use of only high-quality of PET products to offers an only best quality product to their clients and customers. The PET products are used on a large scale to ensure that the quality of the products that are packed inside can be maintained at its best at the time of transportation and warehousing.

Bottle Tripping – Major Problem Arises with PET Bottles

The major problem which is usually faced by the manufacturers in PET & Preform Testing laboratories is continuous tripping of the PET bottles at the time of usage. This is caused due to the bad balancing of the bottles. This is a direct result of the uneven distribution of weight of plastic in all the sections of the bottles. The manufacturers in PET industries must ensure that all the products are designed in such a manner that equal proportion of materials is distributed to all the section so that the bottle can maintain the balance easily and does not fell down.

HWBC – Best Solution for Cutting the Bottle in Equal Sections

The equal distribution of material in all the sections and weight of each section can be analyzed properly by measuring the weight of the each section of bottle individually. This is possible only when the bottle is cut in three different sections i.e. Top, cylinder, and bottom. This process of bottle cutting can be performed easily with the help of Hot Wire PET Bottle Cutter. It is the best and widely used testing device which is used to cut the bottle in equal proportion.

Solution by Presto Stantest for Quality Assurance of PET Bottles

It is the best device which is used to section weight analysis to measure the weight of each section and to test the balancing property of the bottles. Presto Stantest, one of the leading and renowned manufacturer of testing instruments offers premium quality of Hot Wire PET Bottle Cutter to the manufacturers of PET bottles and preforms. To know more about the product, visit: