How to know if the Cardboard Container is Strong enough to carry a Product?

How to know if the Cardboard Container is Strong enough to carry a Product?


Corrugated cardboard boxes are widely used in several industry for storing and transporting products. They are relied upon because of the maximum resistance they deliver against stacking load i.e. the force exerted on a box when other boxes are stacked over it. They are inert to many conditions such as temperature changes, moisture and light jerks or impacts. But how to know which size or material quality will fit your needs. They carry heavy metallic items and light and sensitive glass items too. Therefore, it is important to first decide which cardboard box will be the right fit for your application.

For which suppliers mainly asks for values like what is the BCT value of the box. A BCT value is the Box compression test value. It is determined by testing the box specimen using a standardized machine like Presto Box Compression tester. The machine helps the operator to check the accurate value of BCT for a particular corrugated or plain cardboard box. By getting the knowledge of the precise value, one can ensure its customer to purchase the boxes which fit their need.

The compression tester is designed under various international test standards such as ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, ISO 12048, and JIS Z0212. All these test standards are acclaimed globally and is used for performing test methods related to calculation of buckling load in cardboard boxes. Specially designed microprocessor program fitted to display highly accurate test values. The compression force exerted on the specimen is uniformly distributed all over the surface of the specimen. This assures equal distribution of the load at each and every area. The digital recording unit allow to save TARE and peak hold values.

It provides over travel protection which ensure that in case the load exertion crosses the set limit, the accuracy must not be disturbed and protection is delivered. Strong base plate used for delivering compressive force. It is specially designed to sustain repeatable testing and travelling load for long run. Bright LED lights equipped in the display screen. This is done to allow brighter and clearer vision to user. Test control units deliver a feather touch experience for user comfort.