Box compression load to judge the quality of corrugated boxes

How To Assess The Box Compression Load To Judge The Quality Of Corrugated Boxes?

Packaging is the best means to ensure safe delivery of the products to the end users in a good condition at a minimum cost. Corrugated fiberboard is the highly efficient and economical material which is used to produce the best quality of corrugated boxes and packaging containers that are used on a large scale for transportation, distribution and storage of the products. These corrugated boxes are used on a large scale to pack 90% of the products for retail distributions. But the effect of various transportation factors, temperature variations, compression and bursting badly affect the strength of the corrugated boxes during storage, transportation and warehousing.

Corrugated shipping boxes are manufactured to protect the products from various hazards of distribution like storage environment and transportation factors so that the products can be transported to the end consumers without any kind of damage. Hence, the manufacturers in packaging industry need to consider carefully all the factors that can weaken the stacking strength of the corrugated boxes before packing the products and before providing the boxes for the distribution cycle. This can be done by determining the box compression load leading to quality evaluation to ascertain the quality and strength of the corrugated boxes perfectly. The box compression load of the corrugated boxes can be determined by using rigorous testing procedures.

Box compression Tester – Best Way To Ascertain the Box Compression Load

Box compression test is the best testing procedure which is used to determine the maximum box compression load that a corrugated box can bear when stacked one above the other. It is the best test that can calculate the maximum strength of the boxes to resist deformation when subjected to compressive buckling of the load.  The well-known testing device which is used to determine the compression strength property of corrugated boxes is Box compression Tester. The instruments help to identify safety factors and the stacking strength of the corrugated boxes. Stacking strength is the maximum force that a box can bear throughout the entire distribution cycle. The box compression test helps to determine the ability and stacking strength of corrugated fiberboards to sustain top to bottom load. This means that the strength or compression load is directly related to the compression strength of the boxes.  This ensures that the bottom part of the corrugated box must support the top load strength over a period of time when it is exposed to bear the fluctuations in temperature during transportation as well as various factors that can affect the impact strength and performance of the corrugated boxes.