Ensure the Strength of PET Bottle with Bursting Strength Test

Ensure the Strength of PET Bottle with Bursting Strength Test

A PET bottle is tested for its bottle burst value to determine the resistance against internal pressure created due to carbonation. Industries rely a lot on this value as it also determines the ability to withstand in the filling line. A bottle is tested in the laboratory by injecting high pressure inside the bottle till a certain limit or till the bottle burst.

Bottle burst tester offered by Presto is equipped with all the safety features to ensure the safety of the operator during the test process. It is an efficient machine that applies the pressure in a very controlled manner as per the test requirements or industrial standards.

Features :

  1. It is used for testing the expansion of the volume and any weakness in the walls of the bottle.
  2. It comes with an advanced HMI display to control and observe the values displayed during the test.
  3. The pneumatic system incorporated is highly controlled, which helps in successful and accurate testing.
  4. The machine is programmed for auto hold and release feature for efficient pressure control.
  5. The machine has a steel cavity to clamp the bottle, so as to ensure the safety of the operator.
  6. The maximum range of pressure that can be used for testing through the instrument is 18 kg/cm2.

With this, the bottle vendor can ensure that bottles have been tested for bursting strength.

PET packaging is widely used in different industries like F&B, Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, storage and household. And, to sustain in different industries it is very important that bottles are being tested strictly for different applications. Any damage to the product during filling, transportation and storage may lead to spoilage of whole lot. This directly impacts the reputation of supplier and manufacturer.

How Bottle Burst Tester Works?

This test doesn’t require any prerequisite skill set to operate the machines. But the operator should knows what level pressure has to be controlled. Here is the step by step procedure to test the bottle for bursting strength.

  1. Open the cavity of the bottle and allow the bottle to clamp automatically.
  2. Once the bottle is clamped tightly, close the cavity properly. Make sure the pressure is being created once the cavity is closed tightly. It should not open with the pressure created for testing.
  3. From the HMI display, set the pressure that is to be applied on the bottle.
  4. As pressure is set, let the machine do its job.
  5. Note the pressure when the pressure is released. Open the cavity to observe whether bottle has tolerated the pressure or it burst.

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