Ensure Spotless & Scratch-free Coating Surfaces with the Scratch Hardness Tester

Ensure Spotless & Scratch-free Coating Surfaces with the Scratch Hardness Tester

Scratch Hardness Tester

Coatings & paints are some of the most necessary elements required to appeal & attract customers to the first look of a product. Not just customer attraction but these coatings & paints safeguard the products from direct exposure to the environment and thus eradicate the scope of rusting & corrosion for a long time by acting as a corrosion-resistant layer on top of various materials.

The surface of materials is coated with beautiful aesthetics & elegance so that the product is pleasing to the eye at first and grabs as much attention as possible. However, these coatings might get scratched if they come into contact with something sharp, even a nail. To provide resistance to such scratches it becomes necessary to ensure the durability of these paints & coatings. This can only be possible by undergoing the scratch hardness test which determines the ability of these coatings to withstand a certain level of scratching pressure.  

Understanding with an example, in the automobile industry cars are coated with different layers & paints to ensure that they can withstand scratching which is absolutely certain due to the travel on road, however, a scratch-free & spotless car attracts more eyes due to its aesthetical existence.

This is the reason that Presto Group has offered a top-notch lab testing instrument known as the scratch hardness tester to aid manufacturers from the automobile, paint & coating manufacturing, metal, and plastic industries in determining the scratch resistance qualities of the coating used over a material.

The instrument performs a scratch hardness test to assess the quality of these coatings with extreme precision and accuracy. The instrument performs an extremely simplistic working module in order to expedite the testing measures.

Working Module of the Scratch Hardness Tester

The scratch hardness tester is a result of precision-based engineering that aids manufacturers in determining the coating quality against scratches, aiding the final consumer to escape from the heavy maintenance costs.

The testing begins with the operator carving out a perfectly shaped and sized specimen from the material that is going to be tested, be it plastic, metal, etc. The lab testing instrument has a dedicated sample positioning area.

Once the specimen is positioned & placed correctly, the operator must make sure to clamp the specimen firmly with the help of the tightening knob associated with the side strand of the instrument.

After clamping the specimen, the operator can select the weight of the pressure assembly which clearly depends upon the quality & durability of the material as well as the standard compliance being followed.

After the exertion of weight on the pressure assembly is adjusted as per the requirement, the sharp diamond stylus tip is adjusted across the surface of the instrument.  

The operator can now easily move the oscillating arm which will force linear motions of the diamond stylus tip across the specimen. The linear motion at a single line of direction determines the scratches on the material being tested.

In the case of any scratch caused by the constant linear motion movement of the stylus, the green indicator turns on and indicates the scratch formation. The operator simply finds out how many linear movements it requires to form a scratch over the coating or paint. The operator also identifies the pressure required to form a scratch at a designated & specific pressure.

This is how the operator using the scratch hardness testing machine identifies the exact energy required to form scratches along with the exact amount of linear movement required by the diamond stylus pen.  

The instrument is equipped with top-quality features that enhance the testing experience by making it a lot more hassle-free.

Key Attributes of the Scratch Hardness Tester

The most prominent attribute that has captured the attention of manufacturers from the automobile industry is the inclusion of the scratch indicator. It makes the testing processes a lot easier and the tracking of results facile.

Another top-quality feature that is imbibed within the instrument is the tightening knob and the sample positioning. The clampers showcase a firm grip to clamp the specimen, which is necessary as it allows the testing of different materials without any slipping away during the conduction of the test.

The instrument is also equipped with a diamond-shaped stylus that offers sharp scratch technology, allowing the operator to conduct the test with absolute seamlessness and in an extremely quick manner.

The scratch hardness testing machine is also equipped with German-made Teflon rollers that ensure minimal friction and enhance the ease of movement of the oscillating arm, allowing the operator to conduct tests without any breakers or hiccups.

The incorporation of the oscillating arm also encourages single-handed testing measures to a greater extent and elevates the quality of tests with its accuracy even in repeatable measures.

The instrument is offered with different & customizable weights for the pressure assembly to meet the guidelines of different standards which may carry out variable compliances for different sectors.

The provision of the instant braking system also enables the operator to avoid further damage after scratching the specimen, allowing the operator to avoid over-testing or over-scratching the surfaces of materials.

The construction of the instrument has also helped manufacturers gain trust in the test modulation for a longer period of time as the instrument is manufactured with stainless steel and mild steel material which is coated with a 7-layered powder paint ensuring a corrosion-free finish.

All these features & attributes feed the instrument with accuracy-driven results and the operator to perform a seamless scratch hardness test.

Get a Hands-On Experience on the Scratch Hardness Tester Right Away

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