Resistance material to permanent fracture-scratch hardness test

Determine the Resistance of Material to Permanent Fracture with Scratch Hardness test

Scratch Hardness Tester is an amazing tool widely used to measure the resistance of a material to scratch under a specified load. The testing instrument is used for a wide range of products like varnishes, lacquers, and paints. 

 The tester is suggested usually for paint and plating industry and designed mainly for industrial laboratories where quality control is considered as an important parameter and tests are essentially conducted on the specimens to analyze the quality.

Hardness is explained as a resistance of a material to permanent deformation through a scratch. In the plating industry, the tool is used to measure the resistance of a coating to scratch and through normal wear and tear and also if the coating of a material need to be protected completely. The word “Hardness” generally explains various properties of a material like Resistance to penetration, Resistance to Scratch and Resistance to wear and tear. As per the rise in customer’s demand, the different methods of measuring hardness are introduced by the manufacturers. Some of the test methods of are used to test heavy materials like metals, rubbers, elastomers and plastics.

Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer and supplier of testing instruments all over the world, introduces two models namely, Hand Operated and Motorized. As Suggested by the name of the instrument, hand operated model is operated manually. The instrument is available in customized specification. The available weights of the machine are 500g, 100g, and 200g. The machine is also available with higher capacities on customer demand. On the other hand, the motorized model is equipped with a motor of ½ HP. It also has a digital indicator that help to view the results in digital format. For more information on the product, Click here.