Ensure Crystal Clear Pet Products With Transparency Testers

Ensure Crystal Clear Pet Products With Transparency Testers

Transparency Testers

PET products are used widely in many industries for different use. A major use of the PET products is for packaging of various materials. These materials include beverages, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. These products need very high quality of packaging to remain safe and hygienic.

It is the duty of the manufacturers of the PET products to provide the best quality of products to the customers so that they could ensure the best safety and hygiene of the products during storage and transit.

In order to assure the best quality of PET products, there is a need for use of proper testing instrument followed by appropriate testing procedures. One such instrument is a transparency tester. The transparency of a PET product is a major aspect that determines its quality. Most of the PET products are meant to be completely transparent hence it is essential to test the PET products for desired transparency or it will be considered a major quality defect for the PET bottles.

Presto is a major manufacturer of transparency testers that are used widely in PET industries for quality assurance purpose.  The instruments I available in two different models, one is for bottles, and the other is for PET preforms. The instrument strictly adheres to all the standards and is compatible with the international market too.