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Delivering the Correct Thickness for Better Air Bag Function

For a producer of products at factories, the applications of that product is very important. Doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s a PET bottle which is responsible for carrying the aerated beverages or it is the tear seams present in the air-bags of cars. But there are some sort of applications which are termed as sensitive worldwide because failure in quality of such applications is a matter of life risk.

The manufacturer will not be able to afford such risks and can’t compromise on the quality level of these types of products. And along with the quality, each and every single aspect of the material will be take care of, especially the thickness of the product. In this post, we will learn how Magna-mike 8600 will help us in generating the perfect material thickness.Let us take an example of the tear seams which are present in the air-bags utilized in the cars. The airbags are manufactured in order to inflate when the sensors are sensing any sort of hitting impact. In this case the tear seams thickness is very vital, so in order to allow the airbags inflate by tearing properly.

If there is a lot of thickness in the tear grooves, the bags will need extreme force and pressure and time duration to inflate properly which may lead to inflation delay. This can cause a serious passenger injury and may be death. On the contrary, if the tear grooves are made up of thin material, they will easily let the bag inflate on time at any minor impact even when there is no need of safety bags.


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