Conduct Drop Test of Carton Box to ensure improved Strength

Conduct Drop Test of Carton Box to ensure improved Strength

Test of Carton Box

Carton boxes are used in the majority for fulfilling packaging purpose, in shipping and in transporting products from one place to another. The reason behind choosing them, is their incomparable strength and resistance against damaging conditions, like moisture, heat, small impact. However, testing the carton box for its drop strength is vital to conduct. The manufacturer must assure their customer that the products carried in the box will be safe until a particular impact point.

Drop Tester is a simple yet highly advanced testing apparatus used for conducting Drop test of carton box. It is also suitable for testing resistance to a sudden drop in corrugated box, cans or other paper packaging boxes. It is highly considered to for assessing the resistance strength of the specimen against drop while transit or storage & handling.

Equipment complies with IS: 7028 Pt IV and various other international test standards to deliver high accuracy in the test process. Offers angular drop facility for directional testing. Guide mechanism used to lift the test platform upwards. Adjustable drop height along with strong base plate area. Drop Tester has a test height range from 750 mm to 1800mm for flexible testing. Test specimen must comply with dimensions of 465x445x500 mm for the Drop test of carton box. Customized dropping platform available on request. Suitable for a testing box of up to 50 kg weight. Manual actuation opening, controlled through the lever. Highly adjustable Top edge hold facility for the angular drop test.

To initiate the test process, first prepare the sample box by sealing its opening properly. Place it on testing platform, clamp it from the top and pull the lever to open the platform and drop the sample. For the angular drop, one can use distinct clamping and set the specimen at an inclined angle and drop it.

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