Check Products & Packaging under Constant Vibrations with the Vibration Table

Check Products & Packaging under Constant Vibrations with the Vibration Table

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After the manufacturing process of a product, another important aspect to be conducted with absolute precision is the transportation of the product from one place to another. Safe & secure packaging is ensured to prevent breaking or damaging the product during transit measures. However, there are numerous times that even after so many packaging layers, the product gets damaged or broken.

This happens because of the constant vibrations that the packaging products undergo during transit through containers on roads, ships, and other means. The packaging products act as protective layers over these products but due to extreme vibrations during transit & storage. It becomes highly necessary to test how these protective layers over products react under extreme vibration that takes place during transportation.

To aid manufacturers in assessing & evaluating the ability of packages & products to withstand transit hazards like vibration, the Presto Group offers a highly advanced lab testing instrument called the vibration table.

The instrument is designed with maximum precision as it determines the vibration-withstanding capabilities of materials at high & extreme levels, allowing the operator to perform transportation testing with ease & facile.

Let us dive into the functioning module of the vibration table that will help us understand how the instrument precise results while measuring the packages & products under extreme vibrations whether synchronous & non-synchronous.

Functioning Process of the Vibration Table

The vibration table manufacturers have made sure that the lab testing instrument is designed with maximum ergonomics to aid manufacturers in performing the test with absolute ease & facile.

The test is initiated after the placement of the specimen on the vibrating platform of the vibration table. The size of the vibration table is 1000 mm X 1000 mm and the operator must make sure that the specimen is well within these measurements.

Once the specimen is placed accurately within the railings of the platform, the operator can simply adjust the amplitude & frequency of the test with the help of the control panel that has a different assembly from the vibrating platform to ensure easy testing measures are undertaken.

There are 4 testing modes and three different testing angles on which the specimen is tested. The 4 variable vibration modes are:

1.    Vertical synchronous

2.    Vertical non-synchronous

3.    Swivel synchronous

4.    Swivel non-synchronous

These vibration modes help the operator imitate real-life travelling hazards like potholes & breakers on roads, vibratory movements during shipping through water bodies, etc.

The different at which the testing is performed are:

1.    30 degrees

2.    60 degrees

3.    90 degrees

This also aids the operator & the manufacturer in evaluating the transit hazard capabilities of a packaged product during transit measures. The ergonomics of the instrument help paper and packaging manufacturers perform testing with minimal hassle and achieve highly accurate results.

Adept & effortless testing is performed by the operator due to the incorporation of top-quality features & attributes within the instrument. It is highly important to acknowledge all these amazing attributes.

Top-Quality Attributes of the Vibration Table

The vibration table manufacturer has made sure that the lab testing instrument is enriched with all the features & attributes necessary for performing the tests.

The vibration table is equipped with an outstanding feature of platform railings that allow the operator to place the specimen of the vibrating platform within the railing. These railings ensure that the specimen does not fall during the course of testing.

The unattached control panel of the instrument is also an outstanding feature as it allows the operator to perform tasks safely & effortlessly by keeping a certain distance from the vibrating platform.

The instrument’s control panel is equipped with a mix of both feather touch buttons as well as a microprocessor-based digital display that allows the operator to adjust the amplitude, angles, frequency and various other necessary adjustments like the preset timer.

The different vibrating mechanisms that the instrument offers allow the operator to easily simulate all sorts of transit hazards at different angles and reach higher levels of accuracy with absolute facile.

The lab testing equipment is also powered with amazing frequency variabilities that enable the operator to check whether the specimen can withstand impacts caused by the vehicle or not.

The instrument is made with top-quality MS material that is coated with a 7-layered powder paint that ensures that the equipment remains free from any sort of rusting or corrosion for a long period of time.

The customization options provided along the instrument is a highly advanced attribute that has gained the trust of manufacturers from not just the rigid packaging industry but various other shipping industry manufacturers as well.

All these features have a common goal of achieving maximum accuracy and also provide a sense of ease to the manufacturer of the product or the operator of the instrument.

The specifications of the vibration table provided by the vibration table suppliers are mandatory to be considered before buying the device to make sure whether they align with your product requirements or not.

Considerable Specification of the Vibration Table

·       The size of the vibrating platform is 1000 mm X 1000 mm (Customizable)

·       The amplitude levels are fixed at 25.4 mm with a cam assembly for easy generation.

·       The frequency levels are 2 Hz to 6 Hz.

·       The overall dimension of the external body instrument other than the vibration platform is 820 mm X 820 mm X 980 mm.

·       The maximum load that can be exerted on the platform is 100 kg.

Get a Vibration Table without Any Delay

Check the ability of packaged products to survive transit hazards by using them against vibration with the vibration table. The instrument is also trusted by manufacturers all across the globe. Reach out to a vibration table supplier and get your hands on the instrument. To know further details like the vibration table price & specification, feel free to visit our website. Place an order by calling us at +91 9210903903 or e-mail us at