Use of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for PET bottle Quality Analysis

Use of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for PET bottle Quality Analysis

PET bottle is highly preferred as a packaging mode and is widely utilized in distinct verticals to carry liquids, juices, carbonated drinks, soda, medicines, and other chemicals. These bottles are demanded by the manufacturers in different industries as it is considered to be the better means of packaging. Its light weighted and non-reactive feature makes it an appropriate mode to protect the quality of any type of product. The major problem which arises with PET bottles is the misbalancing of the structure during the filling process. To prevent this misbalancing or any sort of damage to the bottle, it is important to analyze the weight of each and every section of the bottle using a proficient tool such as a Hot wire bottle cutter.

The tripping of the PET bottles at the time of filling or usage is caused due to the variable distribution of material throughout the bottle. The manufacturers must ensure that all the products are designed in such a manner that equal proportion of materials is distributed to each section so that the bottle can maintain the balance easily and does not fell down.


Solution to uneven weight distribution

The equal distribution of material in all the sections can be ensured and the weight of each section can be analysed properly by conducting section weight analysis. This is possible only when the bottle is cut into three different sections i.e. top, cylinder, and bottom. This process of bottle cutting can be conducted easily with the help of a bottle cutter.

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is the foremost choice of the manufacturers in PET industries. It is the best and widely used testing device which is used to cut the bottle in equal proportion.

It is a user-friendly and cost-effective device that allows quick slicing of PET bottles. It provides the provision of smooth bottle cutting without deforming the edges of the bottle sections. Equipped with strong clamping holders for ensuring tough grip during the test and zero slippage of the specimen. This machine can adjust the hot cutting wires as per the requirement and the specimen’s size & shape.


Hence, it can be used for various types of PET bottles and can be your ultimate help in testing weight distribution.

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