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Acquire Pressure Resistant Soda Bottle with Burst Tester

Soda Bottle manufacturer are increasing looking out for new mode of quality control to assure that their product can be made more resistant to bursting failures. To check the bottle performance under elevating pressure, one must rely on a machine which can deliver both advancement and precision with authorized standardization – Bottle Burst Tester.

The test equipment provides environment for conducting pressure and volume expansion testing methods on PET Bottles used for carrying Soda beverages. The test machine can be operated using 290 psi of Input pressure. The standard dimensions required for the specimen bottles’ neck is from 21 mm to 24.6 mm. And a wide range of bottles can be used for testing with a diameter of maximum 150 mm.

The entire operation and test results display is based on a digital program. The display screen is equipped with LED lights for a clearer vision during low light conditions. The converted pressure values are precise to decimal range with ± 2% of Accuracy. The testing pressure ranges from 0 to 260 psi. The machine can be easily operated with a power supply of 220V, Single Phase, 50 Hz only. The digital test timer shows up to 4 digits numerical.

There is a single push button for both start and stop of the operations. The material used for constructing the equipment is a high grade mild steel with corrosion resistant finish. The test chamber is provided with Heavy duty toggle clamp to ensure safety during running high pressure test process.

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