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Flammability Tester for Textile : 45 ̊ Angle


Flammability tester is a consistent tool useful for checking the burning characteristics under controlled conditions. Flammability of fabrics may be determined by igniting one end of fabric under test by mean of a suitable burner having a specified flame intensity and determining the extent of propagation of flame and the time taken to propagate the flame. The Presto Flammability Tester has been designed strictly as per the relevant standard to assess the ability of textile materials to burning under controlled conditions.

Presto’s flammability tester is equipped with stainless steel brushing device. This model is specially designed to commence a large number of testing which can be carried out easily in a short span of time. It is widely used in Rubber industry.

Presto’s Flammability tester is widely used to determine the burning characteristics of rubber, textiles and other materials under controlled conditions. The cabinet of the equipment is fabricated with stainless steel test cabinet that offers clear observation panel. The unit has a digital timer to gauge the automatic timing of the flame speed.

Presto offers two types of flammability tester:

  • Flammability Tester for Textile : 45 ̊ Angle
  • Horizontal Flammability Tester for Automotive

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    • The instrument comprises of a clear observation panel along with S.S. test cabinet.
    • The machine is incorporated with a digital timer to gauge the flame speed automatically.
    • The laboratory equipment comes complete with five stainless steel specimen holders, clips for fixing the specimen, clamps for micro switch operation, 2 dead weights, gauges, empty gas cylinder, Gas Pipe with S.S. clamps along with brushing device.

    • It is easy to operate,
    • Meets Indian and international standards,
    • Supplied complete with user manual for product instructions and calibration certificate.
    • Digital Preset timer incorporated for accuracy and repeatability
    • Robust Construction with stainless steel body
    • Clear Observation panel
    • Aesthetically designed using heavy steel
    • Ease of use of sample placements using horizontal & vertical fixtures
    • Fully automatic test cycle after settings through digital preset timer
    • Automatic gage of flame speed

Reviews of Flammability Tester for Textile : 45 ̊ Angle

  1. Deepak
    24 Dec, 2015

    great instrument for testing the fire resistance of the textile materials. High efficiency and accurate results are obtained in very less time.

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