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Salt Fog and Spray Testing Chamber in Thailand


Presto’s Salt Fog and Spray Testing Chamber in Thailand is an extremely advanced testing machine which is used in different industries to test the corrosion resistance strength of various materials including metals, polymers, painted metal substrates and many more. It is an ideal testing machine which is used to check the corrosion resistance of plated and coated materials to ensure the long working life and best quality of the product. The testing machine is widely used in electrical industries, automobile industries and many more. The tool is assembled after considering various test standards such as ASTM B117, IS5528, IS6910, ISO: 3768, JIS Z2371, DIN 50021,  that makes the device compatible with the testing requirements of the international market as well. It is a cost-effective tool which is used to test the corrosion resistance property of the metallic substrates so that the manufacturers can ensure the best quality of the materials and products that are delivered to the customers.

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Presto Stantest deals in manufacturing and supplying premium quality of “Salt Fog & Spray Testing Chamber in Thailand”. The instrument is widely used in different metal industries and paint and plating industries to analyze the rust proof ability of the materials and products. The device is used to test the efficiency of coating and plating that are applied to the metals to protect them from corrosion. The testing machine is very efficient in providing accurate test results and touches screen Human Machine Interface control panel along with the machine that makes the device easy to operate. Additionally, the material is used to manufacture various instruments which offer long working life and highly accurate performance. The device is provided with user manual and a calibration certificate.

    • Temperature range of the instrument can be set from ambient to 60oC with the tolerance range ±2% and accuracy ±10
    • It is designed with HMI control panel that ensures effective controlling and indicates perfect temperature.
    • Moisture cum oil filter, air regulator and pressure gauge with a maximum range of 30 psi are provided with the machine.

    • It is designed with a dual wall which is filled with glass wool ergonomics to ensure better insulation from outer environment and protect the chamber from deformation and distortion due to high pressure.
    • The temperature can be regulated using the touch screen HMI control.
    • The transparent plexiglass canopy hood is provided with pneumatic pressure.


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