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Bursting Strength Testers in Thailand

PBS -203

Presto manufactures and supplies Bursting Strength Tester in Thailand. The device is used mainly by the manufacturers of packaging industries, textile industries to test the bursting strength of different materials. Measuring the bursting strength is a major indicator of strength and quality of the material. The bursting strength helps to measure the maximum force that a material can bear before it bursts by providing sufficient amount of pressure of fluid through a rubber diaphragm. It can be operated very easily as it is designed with user-friendly features. The testing machine complies with various standards such as IS, ASTM, and many more. This implies that the device efficiently fulfills the testing requirement of international market as well.

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Presto Stantest manufacture and export Bursting Strength Tester in Thailand to analyze the bursting strength of the products such as corrugated boards, papers, fabrics, leathers and many more. The testing device is also fitted with the digital peak load indicator which not only displays accurate test results but also helps to save the result of the previous test as well. The instrument supports manual clamping mechanism and firmly clamps the samples. The device is supplied with a user manual that helps to operate the device easily.

    • Pressure within the range of 0 – 40 kg/cm2 can be provided to the sample.
    • The least count is 0.1 kg/cm2
    • The diameter of upper clamp is 5mm.
    • The diameter of lower clamp is 1mm.
    • The digital display offers precise results.
    • Fluid is delivered at the rate of 95cc per min.
    • It has worm reduction type gearbox.
    • It consumes ½ kilowatt of power.

    • Digital display provides clear results.
    • It supports manual clamping mechanism.
    • It efficiently stores nine peak test values efficiently from previous tests.
    • It ensures simple and easy operation.


    Related Standard

    ASTM D 3786 M – 13, ASTM D 3786, BS 3137, ISO 2758, ISO 3303-1:2012, ISO 3689-1983, IS – 1060 -1987.

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